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WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT OUR AGENCY HAS A SPECIAL HOLIDAY PROMOTION ! Please take  an advantage of our 25 % Off the placement until 01/01/2017 !

All Best Nannies provides Nanny and Household Services to meet your  needs.  The service that you receive centers around professionalism, reliability and ongoing communication. We use a very detailed process to recruit, screen and place our nannies, housekeepers, baby nurses and domestic employees. We know that finding a Nanny on your own can be time consuming. With our 15 years of  experience we will be presenting only qualified candidates who have a passion for childcare and will provide the security, love and full attention you expect.

About Our Nannies

The word “nanny” instantly brings to mind perfect Mary Poppins who sings, dances, and brings children to many life adventures. Our real-life nannies can be just as magical and their basic concerns are to protect, love, play with and teach your children. Some Nannies will also help with the household chores, but the primary Nanny duty is to provide for the physical, emotional and developmental needs of your child. Daily tasks typically include: feeding, dressing, bathing, reading, playing, arts and crafts, play-dates and outings, help with homework, carpooling, kids laundry, cleaning up after children’s activities, supervising children’s chores. Nannies will also be asked to help your family perform light housekeeping chores like laundry, shopping and errands, simple meal preparation, loading/emptying dishwasher, tidying up at the end of day. Our professional nanny background is a combination of education, nanny and/or teaching experience. Our Pro Care Agency All Best  Nanny makes $15-$25 an hour.


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