Placement Process

  1. Please fill out our ONLINE APPLICATION.
  2. Please set up Phone Interview with our friendly, helpful Employment Agent when you have COMPLETED your application. Add your personal touch to Biography section (a description of yourself, your age, your family, your personality and why you would be a good nanny or domestic employee). Make sure you checked spelling and grammatical errors. Your application will be viewed by prospective family! Call us at: 847-824-4900 to schedule a personal interview.
  3. In-Person Interview in one of our locations. Most interviews are held in our Schaumburg office (click here for address and directions) by appointment only. Please make sure you do not miss your scheduled appointment and always call us in advance if it is necessary to reschedule. We will verify your identity and other information you have provided in your application. Please bring your ID or Drivers License, written references and any certifications and supporting documents you may have (related to childcare or domestic field).You may bring photos showing children or families you have worked for. Terms and conditions for Nannies.
  4. References checked / former employment verification (If you can either provide us with their email address and/or notify them ahead of time that we will be trying to reach them, that can really save time!)
  5. Once the screening process is completed, your profile will be sent to families for consideration for available positions. Families will let our agency know who they would like to interview after they view your profile. We will contact you to let you know when this occurs so that we can coordinate directly with the family regarding appointment scheduling.
  6. Family Interviews. Always present yourself as a professional nanny candidate. Interview Tips.
  7. Give us Feedback from your interview and call us right away if you are interested in working for a family that you’ve interviewed with. If the family is also interested, a second interview or trial is in order. A trial day gives you the chance to see whether you are comfortable in the job and with the family.
  8. Should the family want to make an offer, we will let you know. If you are not interested, we will tell them for you.
  9. Nanny/Family Agreement. It provides a good basis for a mutual understanding of the nanny position and the expectations of the job (if you have any questions or need any help, please call us at 847-824-4900). This agreement will include but is not limited to things like:
    • Duties and Responsibilities
    • Schedule
    • Compensation Package (vacation, holidays, sick days, vacation etc.)
    • Use of family or nanny car, including the issues of insurance, gas or mileage reimbursement
    • Reviews and bonuses
    • How to give notice to terminate the agreement
    • Emergencies and Health Information
    • Household rules
  10. Post Placement Support. We will follow up after placement to make sure you and your family is doing well. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you any questions or concerns.

Employment agreements are not binding documents. However, they do serve to set expectations before you start. They offer protection to both nannies and families if disagreements arise during the course of your employment.

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