1. How long will it take to find a qualified care provider?

It is our goal to find the right nanny or domestic employee as soon as they are needed. On average, the search for a nanny or domestic takes 2-4 weeks depending on the details of your work order and your ability to hold interviews. All Best Nannies has placed nannies and household employees in one day to 3 days sometimes. We have been in business for more than 15 yrs and we have a larger pool of available and qualified candidates to select from. We do our best to work within your time frame, however the more time you can give us to recruit and screen the candidates for your position, the better we can meet your needs. We recommend that you register with All Best Nannies 4+ weeks in advance if possible.

2. What makes All Best Nannies special and stand apart from other nanny services?

We are established and professional service. Our in – person screening techniques allow us to identify and represent only the best nannies and domestic employees; those who are caring, dependable and reliable. Furthermore, we provide you with very detailed applications of our candidates, references and our agency evaluation BEFORE you meet with them. We provide a free background check that includes social security number trace and previous address history, criminal and driving record, and DCFS report (can take up to six weeks), also recent physical. Additional and more specific checks can be performed at the client’s expense by utilizing our partner worldwide American investigation company. All of our candidates are required to submit a Physical that states that they are free of communicable disease prior to their start day.

3. Is there any charge to begin a search for a nanny or domestic employee?

There is no charge to begin a search. No registration fee. No application fee. You pay only when you hire nanny or care provider referred by us.

4. What kind of experience do your nannies and care providers have?

We require at least two years of verifiable child care experience before a nanny can register with our agency. Our agency nannies and care providers are mature, loving, caring , responsible and willing to work in home setting because they love children and helping other people. Most of our nannies are CPR and First Aid certified or willing to complete.

5. Am I responsible for withholding taxes?

Yes. You are responsible for state and federal tax requirements. You’ll need to discuss that with your accountant. We can refer GTM Associates 888-432-7972. Let them know that All Best Nannies you are recommended by All Best Nannies a Pro Care Agency. The www.GTM.com is up to date with all the nanny and caregiver field state and nationwide compliance.

6. Does your agency ensure that each candidate sent to us for interviewing is legally authorized to work in the United States prior to coming?

Social security number verification is done on every candidate prior to being referred to any of our client. It is kept in our database to be sure that they are authorized to accept an employment legally.
7. What kind of guarantee does your agency offer and if I do need a replacement is there any additional fee owed to your agency?

All Best Nannies offers 180 days one time free replacement ( re-match) policy for all long term placements if the care provider no longer can continue to work for you . In addition we offer a refund (less 25% of gross wages paid) for the first 30 days.

8. How do you screen your nannies and household employees?
We utilize in-person nanny screening including all background check: employment history, nationwide criminal and driving record, sex offender registry, education and certification verification, family background, checking references ( work and character), previous address history , social security verification, health check and personal professional appearance and attitude.

9. Where do your nannies and household employees come from?

We have a larger pool of qualified candidates than other agencies simply because we have been in business longer than other agencies. Most of our nannies come to us via word of mouth and through referrals from other candidates and from previous clients. Many of our nannies have been placed by us in the past and they return to All Best Nannies looking for another family to work for and they are TOP Nanny Candidates that you can’t find anywhere. They don’t stay on the market and looking for another job too long.

10. What are the nanny’s responsibilities?

It’s important to make clear what her responsibilities are before she begins the job. If the children are not in school the nanny will have to take care of the children and will not be able to do a thorough job cleaning of the home. Every family wants the best childcare and it will not be possible for your nanny to spend time cleaning the home and at the same time she is expected to be fully engaged with your children. Compromises will need to be made. Most nanny/housekeepers only do light cooking. Be clear about your expectations in this area. We strongly recommend the written agreement before your nanny starts her position . We can provide some samples of the agreement if needed.

11. What benefits should I offer my prospective nanny and domestic employee?

Most families give the nanny one to two weeks paid vacation at the end of the first year. All major legal holidays are paid days off. We suggest Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday), Christmas and New Years Day and 3-5 sick days. Holiday bonuses are given by a high percentage of families. Other benefits like health insurance can be optional and mutually agreed during an interview.

12. Do I have to pay for a use of the nanny’s car when driving my kids for activities?

If the driving is for more than a mile or two, the family should pay mileage at the prevailing rate of around 50 cents per mile. Again, it’s important to be clear from the start about this issue just to avoid any future questions and misunderstanding.

13. What is appropriate amount of a nanny and household employee annual salary increase?

Families generally give at least around 5%-6% raise after each year of service. It depends on your budget and nanny performance evaluation. Holiday bonuses are given by a high percentage of families.

14. When does the family pay?

Weekly or by-weekly paycheck is typical. Come and go nannies and care providers are paid on hourly basis. Usually the price is higher if you offer less than 6 hours a day.

15. How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2000 and still placing nannies and domestic employees all over Chicagoland area.
16. Are you licensed and bonded by the State of Illinois?

Yes, we are licensed, bonded and insured by the State of Illinois and Illinois Department of Labor.

17. Do I have to work exclusively with All Best Nannies?

We do not require an exclusive agreement. You can always change your mind and hire someone referred by your friend or family member because you deserve the best

18. Do you provide bilingual nannies and household staffing?

In addition to American Nannies we have successfully placed bilingual candidates that speak Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Philippines, Korean, Chinese, Indian and African-American.

19. Am I able to meet with you and your staff personally?

Yes. We have few locations that we can meet by appointment : Chicago Loop, Park Ridge Illinois ( Main Location), Oak Brook Illinois or Schaumburg Illinois.
20. Is hiring a Household Employee on my own my best alternative?

We have had feedback from our clients attempting to find their own household employees using online services. It was a full time very frustrating do it yourself job. Family members had to spend hours searching for the profiles, placing ads and receiving hundreds of spam emails and strange phone calls from people who never matched their criteria and lying about their work experience and providing fake references. Many of these candidates did not stay on the work too long because they only needed quick income and in meanwhile were looking for a different jobs. Many times they have left the families hot and dry without any notice. Families ended up without any backup.

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